In 1982, Anna's son, Ian, found out his former girlfriend, Tara, was pregnant, he had four choices.  He could marry Tara and break his fiancees heart. Abortion was against his family's beliefs. Having a child out of wedlock was absolutely scandalous. If he didn't marry Tara, she and her child would be shunned and publicly ridiculed.   Adoption was an option, but that was his flesh and blood.

Sadie could not have been adopted into a better family. She was given  much love, guidance, and the best opportunities in life with Claire and Mike and their large extended family.

Anna got to hold Stephanie to tell her "Hello" and "Goodbye" at the same time before she was placed for adoption.


Anna places clues in Stephanie's file at Social Services, hoping that one day, by some miracle, Stephanie will follow the clues and find her.

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Each year, Anna places an ad in newspapers wishing Stephanie a Happy Birthday.

Anna maintains a mini-photo album with Stephanie's first photos, the newspaper ads wishing her a Happy Birthday, and other items, including Stephanie's birth mother's wedding announcement, hoping that one day she would be able to share the album with her granddaughter, so that her granddaughter would know that she was always loved and never forgotten.

Uplifting Adoption Story Based on Real Life Events

Many miles away, Claire and Mike, who had tried for ten years to have a child, adopted a baby girl they named Sadie.


I recently started submitting my Where's Stephanie? screenplay, which I adapted from my book, to film festivals. and am already receiving positive results. The first two awards are for the full length screenplay. The TopShorts award is for the first 1/3 of my screenplay which can stand alone as a complete 54 minute film, which ends with a "hook" making the viewer want to see the rest of the story.

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Author Lenora Livingston's Shares  Adoption Story in Where's Stephanie?

                   Written by Jo-Ann Wilhelm 

          under the pen name Lenora Livingston.


This uplifting story is about a grandmother who places clues in unlikely places, hoping one day her granddaughter, who was given up for adoption, will follow the clues and find her.

In 1982, Ian McKinney, who is engaged to be married, confesses to his mother, Anna Weber, that Tara Harper, a girl he used to date is pregnant with his child. His choices are abortion, adoption, marry Tara, or give Tara the stigma of raising an illegitimate child. Tara wants her baby, but decides on abortion. Anna makes a phone call that results in Tara keeping her baby. However, giving into society and family pressures Tara leaves town to live in secret at a home for unwed mothers until Stephanie is born. Tara releases her for adoption. Ian asks Social Services for custody, but is told he has no rights. Anna, asks if she can adopt Stephanie, but is told that a grandparent's only right is to put a letter without identifiable information in it in Stephanie's file. Anna places clues in her letter for Stephanie's file hoping that one day, by some miracle, Stephanie will follow the clues and find her.

The rest of the story, which spans over the course of several decades in what can only be described as a series of miracles, Stephanie and Anna are placed directly in each other's path over and over again. Even though their families were a hundred miles apart, their lives were divinely intertwined. As a young woman working in a law firm, Stephanie, with her adoptive parents' blessings, follows the clues that Anna placed in her file three decades earlier. The clues lead Stephanie to answer the longest running prayers of Anna, Ian, and Tara. Based on actual events, this inspirational story follows the grandmother and her granddaughter on a long journey to find each other in a tale about loss, separation, and the power of family love.

Realizing others are facing similar situations, Livingston provides readers with a list of  adoption groups that can help in search for surrendered family members.

Where’s Stephanie? A Story of Love, Faith, and Courage    by Lenora Livingston is available worldwide in the following formats.
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ISBN 9781462744879              

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