Her mother, Virginia E. M. Bierer.

Her daughter Wendy Gail Shealy

Uplifting Adoption Story Based on Real Life Events

This photo was taken in 1947 of her family shortly after her mother died from leukemia. She is the younger of the two sisters in this photograph. Absent from the photo is her baby sister, Ginny.

Her best friend and the love of her life, her husband, Werner.


Her USC Year Book Senior Photo, 1972

Lenora Livingston


Jo-Ann "Jody" Wilhelm

Before Lenora Livingston wrote Where's Stephanie?, she had many years experience writing various publications based on true stories.

As a child  Lenora Livingston, enjoyed writing poetry in her rural three-room, three-teacher, wooden school house that covered grades one through six. The school, which was only accessible by dirt road, had a pot-bellied stove, a hand pump outside for its water source, and two paths, one to a girl’s two-seater privy and one to the boys.

Her mother died of leukemia at the age of 31, leaving behind seven children, ages five months to thirteen years. She was the middle child. Her father did not remarry until all of his children were grown.

Her first published work was In Memoriam, a poem she wrote at age seventeen in the memory of a classmate who died from cancer.

 She married young and, as the mother to three children, ages one, three, and five, enrolled at the University of South Carolina. Her first studies were by correspondence courses, because she  lacked transportation and could not afford a baby sitter. After she completed a year’s worth of courses, which was the maximum the university allowed by correspondence, she attended night school while her husband baby sat.  After the death of her only daughter from encephalitis, she attended the university full time in order to keep her mind occupied. In total, it took her nine and one-half years to earn her BA in Education.

After divorcing her first husband, as a single parent and middle-school teacher she adopted a third son. She also earned her MAT in Geography by taking classes at night, weekends, and summers. During this time she wrote the history-geography book entitled West Columbia, USA. Plus, she proudly wrote the humorous short story My Pop Was My Mom, a tribute to her father, which was published in The State Magazine shortly before his death in 1986. She later  continued post master's studies at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina to earn certification in elementary school guidance counseling.

Some of her writing talents were used to create programs for the school system. She won statewide recognition as a middle-school teacher for developing and implementing a Conservation Education teaching unit. Later, as a guidance counselor, she won statewide recognition for developing and implementing a Character Education Word-of-the-Month program, which was adopted by other schools in her state.

She has also written numerous articles that have been published in a half dozen newspapers. At age 75, she wrote both her debut novel and the screenplay, Where’s Stephanie?

She credits her father, Dr. Bert Bierer, for inspiring her to write, encouraging her to write at a level where the average person can easily understand the messages being conveyed.  He authored a number of books, including American Veterinary History, Discovering South Carolina, South Carolina Indian Lore, and Indians and Artifacts in the Southeast.

As a retired educator, she lives a full life with her awesome husband of thirty-eight years. They enjoy traveling, golfing, and boating. Marrying him gave her the added bonus of another daughter and son. Together they have five children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

After retiring, she became a Clemson Master Gardener. Her hobbies include gardening, specializing in butterfly gardening and growing roses, irises, and daylilys. All of the flowers pictured on her webpage were grown by her in her garden. She is also a birder, specializing in eastern bluebirds.

More photos of her family and friends are on Facebook.